Guide 2018

(Versão Portuguesa)

The 100 Best Restaurants
in Portugal to Drink Wine
(Chosen by Wine Producers)

Texts by José Manuel Moroso
Top 100 voted by wine producers.

The places of choice of wine producers to drink and, of course, to eat as well.

In the dictionary, the word producer has two ways to be defined. On the one hand, it means someone who produces, it has a purely mercantilist meaning. On the other hand, it means a creator, which has a humanist feeling and adds to it the power of art. In the world of wine, the latter definition is closer to the man or woman who brings us the great wines that fill our palates and our memories. For many of us, they are our ‘heroes’. It is therefore worth to know more about those who gives us what to drink and discover other tastes of these ‘grape magicians’. The Adegga Restaurant Guide 2018 will unveil secrets that many like to keep only for themselves: their favourite places to eat and, of course, to drink.

Based on the recommendations of wine producers, we prepared the list of the 100 Best Restaurants to drink wine. We highlight here the Top 30..

TOP 30 Restaurants

1. Solar dos Presuntos

The seafood and traditional Portuguese cuisine are the strengths of this house, visited by politicians, artists and footballers. Managed by Evaristo and his son Pedro, the whole staff masters efficiency, knowledge and friendliness. Their cod fish cakes, rice cabidela or the traditional dish of lobster are famous. With a high-quality wine service, it is a must-visit.
Rua das Portas de Santo Antão, 150 – Lisboa
213 424 253

2. Veneza

It was a grocery store, a coffee shop and everything else a village shop can be. Today, it is a restaurant with capital R and its wine cellar makes many others jealous. Its location can be defined by a Portuguese saying: “nem tanto ao mar, nem tanto à terra”, which means it is just the right amount of perfect between land and sea. In other words, it is between Algarve and the mountains. Its cuisine is traditional and it appeals to meat, such as the tasty pork tenderloins fried with garlic, pork lures in onion stew, and (not to lose) its well-fortified transmontana bean soup with ingredients from pork to black chorizo, also including cabbages.
EN 395, Mem Moniz – Albufeira
289 367 129


People come from far away just to enjoy its lamprey, in its season, of course. It is unfair if we don’t mention its great seafood variety, stews, fillets of hake, fried dory with açorda or, regarding meat, hunting in hits season. It is an inescapable restaurant both in food and in drinks and the most recent works have come to give even more life to the space.
Rua Roberto Ivens, 826 – Matosinhos
229 378 796


Pedro Lemos won a well-deserved Michelin star in 2014. His tasting menus bring us unique flavours. His creative power never seems to stop, such is the multiplicity of supply, aided by the tremendous quality of products where his biological garden is queen. It is a progressive discovery through flavour and, of course, it could not lack an excellent cellar.
Rua Padre Luís Cabral, 974 – Porto
220 115 986


It is hardly noticed in an alley very close to Estefânia. Even after entering, it continues to hide its gifts. On a wall, the boxes that hold great wines, are the first good news. Then, well, then it is a feast of eating well. Delicacies including scrambled eggs with farinheira or padron peppers, only pave the way to other gluttonies. It is time for the lamb chops and pork ribs rice, all watered with good drinking. The house is small but cosy.
Rua Ilha do Pico, 27 – Lisboa
213 153 421


A few meters away from the grand opera house in Portugal, Belcanto sings us another song. Chef José Avillez is the face of this very tasteful project and the creations in his degustation menus lead us to another state of mind. Recognised with two Michelin stars, he shines in a signature cuisine in defence of the Portuguese gastronomy’s identity. A visit to Belcanto – after months in the waiting list – is a true feast to our palate. And, not least, we count on the precious and competent help of the sommelier Rudolfo Tristão in the not always easy task of standardisation. Urgent, it is a must-visit!
Largo de São Carlos, 10 – Lisboa
213 420 607


We can find him it Santa Clara and, let me tell you, right on time. Obviously that no one comes to Coimbra expecting to find the best and freshest fish in the world and that is why the house invests in codfish and tuna. The first is a skewer and the second is cooked at the Portuguese style. Moving on to meat, we will find an assorted selection of quality steak that shines on the dish. Great wine list.
Av. Da Guarda Inglesa, 63 – Coimbra
239 441 638


A city in the Alentejo full of good restaurants, now opens the doors of this Dom Joaquim, staunch defender of regional Alentejo cuisine. The palate is glad and eager to taste the dogfish soup, the cod açorda with poached egg, the lamb in the oven or the roasted cheeks with apple puree. They are true anthems to the way of good cooking.
Rua dos Penedos, 6 – Évora
266 731 105


Chef Dieter Koshina manages with mastery hand the excellent cuisine of the famous restaurant in the Algarve. Every day, different menus are served under Koshina’s creative responsibility. It is in this true flavour dance that we can taste the amazing wonders in the degustation chapter and, of course, always with excellent wines at our disposal in a wide variety. With two Michelin stars, Dieter Koshina completely deserves our visit. Just prepare your palate as sensitive as it may be.
Estrada da Galé – Albufeira
289 591 795


Here we enter to a completely different realm. The fish and shellfish are dominant and walk through our eyes, the impeccable freshness and the mastery of a work done on the grill or in the pot. After an unforgettable raid on the appetizers, let us venture into the flavours of Neptune’s kingdom and delight ourselves with the sea offerings, always paired with an impeccable wine cellar. And then they may well call us ‘Peniche friends’ and we are glad about it.
Rua do Lapadusso, 73 – Peniche
262 782 945


Let us hope this house never closes, because eating here is really magic. After you have opened the door, do not be surprised to see a waiter brandishing a sabre to open a bottle of sparkling wine and pour you a glass. This is the true meaning of affection. Then, at the table, the mastery continues. The traditional Portuguese cuisine is in charge, and it is well worth to check carefully the menu.
Rua Família Colares Pinto – Ovar
256 591 371


The Lisbon neighbourhood of Campo de Ourique has these surprises; it is rich in good and ‘home-cooked’ restaurants. The cuisine, as its name suggests, is deeply from Alentejo and that is a fortunate fact. We must be careful not to exaggerate on the appetizers (peixinhos da horta, fava beans with sausage and other “temptations”) to reach the cuisine’s specials, now in larger portions. Let them come with rice cabidela, cod fish açorda from Alentejo or, during its season, stewed game partridge with fried bread. All these delicacies are always paired with a great wine list.
Rua Tomás da Anunciação, 52 A – Lisboa
213 954 522

13. GIGI

Gigi retains his eternal and healthy mood, the art of well-being and, above all, an irreproachable master’s hand in the kitchen. Assisted by very attentive staff, the most varied fish coming from the coal or fresh seafood offer come to us. His art starts early in the morning, when he goes shopping and chooses the best products among the best. Visiting Gigi, where personalities from all over the world go, from politics to sports and royalty, is more than mandatory: it is an act of faith.
Praia da Quinta do Lago – Loulé
289 394 481


Going to Évora and not eating at Fialho means losing the unique opportunity to get to know the cuisine from Alentejo. From the appetizers to the main dishes, it is a gift to our palates, all driven by the mastery of Amor Fialho. After the delicious appetizers that include, among others, padron peppers, game meat pies or pastries, we can carry on without any fear for the partridge at Convento da Cartuxa, which is a temptation, as well as for a very tasty pigeon rice. There are many options for a heavenly meal, even more with high quality wine. Not to be missed, obviously!
Travessa Mascarenhas, 14 – Évora
266 703 079


Only 16 places practically “glue” the customers to the staff that works on what we will taste. Chef Vasco Coelho Santos runs this fine-dining experience, in a concept we can call ‘laboratory’. A seasonal menu with ten moments brings us the results of ‘research’ and our palate is grateful for it. Creation, flavours, innovation, these are the secrets of this Studio.
Rua de Santo Ildefonso, 404 – Porto
935 335 301

16. DOP

Located in the historical centre of Porto, this restaurant is the image of its creator, Michelin-star chef Rui Paula. We can choose à la carte or a degustation menu, but whatever the choice, we will always find Rui Paula’s mastery. A fine-dining cuisine featured by the re-creation of flavours to which the chef has always been accustomed throughout his life, where we can highlight his spectacular octopus.
Largo São Domingos, 18, Palácio das Artes – Porto
222 014 333


Open since 1988, it is one of the famous restaurants in Lisbon that has received refurbishment works and has added a new space, Nikkei, open to Japanese and Peruvian gastronomy. But the classic Vela Latina continues to display its excellent offer of traditional Portuguese cuisine, where we can highlight the cod with crumbs of corn bread or hake fillets with artichoke risotto. The excellent wine list completes the setting.
Doca do Bom Sucesso – Lisboa
213 017 118


What a lovely little “tasca” right on the waterfront that is the real pantry of this house. Speaking about fish and shellfish, it is from the sea right at the door that everything comes to us. Uniquely made, this is the place to update our sea flavours.
Doca das Marés A-10 – Viana do Castelo
258 847 900


In addition to the other Rubro (one in Campo Pequeno and another in Cascais), this one, very close to Avenida da Liberdade, is a good example to show what we are going for. With a very wide range of appetizers, which allows us to practically have a meal, the star is undoubtedly meat, and the Chuletón must be highlighted. A good wine selection and a relaxed atmosphere complete this pleasant setting.
Rua Rodrigues Sampaio 33-35 – Lisboa
213 144 656


From a humble eating house, when it opened doors in 1956, to a renowned brewery, this is the history of the house where seafood reaches stardom. And for those who want some meat, then the excellent “prego” sandwich is advised. But, believe me, the great aces come from the sea and its freshness is flawless.
Avenida Almirante Reis, 1-H – Lisboa
218 851 024


Chef Hans Neuner continues to display the brilliance of his two Michelin stars in this amazing space where fine dining shines. His creations include, for example, açorda and prawn, and they give us with red mullet from Sagres and tuna from the Azores. When it comes to meat, for example, the remarkable lamb of the Pyrenees with fava beans shines. The elegant ambience and the exceptional cuisine make this Ocean a sea of pleasant surprises for both mouth and eyes.
Vila Vita Parc, Rua Anneliese Pohl – Alporchinhos (Lagoa)
282 310 200


Granite walls house a cosy signature cuisine, balancing between tradition and innovation. Two degustation menus are available: Portugality and Sharing. The Portuguese gastronomy is safeguarded, and we can find veal, the old cow’s loaf and even the classic tuna salad with ‘cyclists’, the well-known black bean. The flawless wine list does the rest.
Rua Costa Cabral, 2343 – Porto
225 400 548


The Lisbon neighbourhood of Ourique, as we have said before, is a treasure in which good restaurants are concerned, and Mercearia is an example of it. With simple food, the great offer is in the multiple delicacies, but in the main dishes there is, also, variety. With a varied choice in risottos, or in classic cod with cream and old-style duck rice, there is still an important highlight for maranhos from Beira Baixa and bucho.
Rua Saraiva de Carvalho, 115 – Lisboa
218 036 966


Excellent use of the market of Cascais, with simple but very pleasant decoration, where the excellent offer of seafood masters. Freshness is its most important certificate, but for those who want to try other options, then the seafood arrives to us paired with rice or açorda. In any case, everything is very well cooked and ‘watered’ with great wine.
Mercado Municipal de Cascais, Rua Padre Moisés da Silva – Cascais
214 822 130


Right next to Boca do Inferno, tourist attraction next to the cliff always kissed by the sea, the restaurant has the traditional friendliness Maria de Lurdes, the owner. The offer is assorted, but the bigger bets are shellfish and fish. In both, the freshness and preparation prevail and bring us the biggest and best flavours of the sea.
Avenida Rei Humberto II de Itália – Cascais
214 832 218


Its salted cod fritters with tomato rice are famous and it was a mandatory stop for drivers before the construction of A1 motorway. Today, it continues to have its fans who are still in love with its salted cod fritters, fried cod fillet, hake fillets or crunchy breaded meat. And, as it is known, everything is accompanied with the unmissable tomato malandrinho rice.
Estrada Nacional nº 1 – Pombal
236 200 960


The dish that gave name to the place was cod at Casarão do Castelo, but it would be unfair to only taste this faithful friend. There are other options, which are also very tasty. The grilled turbot with sprouts rice or the fillets of octopus with the same rice also call the attention of those who look for this attentive cuisine which creates new flavours. When it comes to meat, we should invest in the grilled pork chops. Good wine is provided in the menu.
Rua Santa Catarina, 74 – Leça da Palmeira
229 951 626


The cakes tortas from Azeitão have attracted those who have visited for many years, but beyond the pastry shop there is a restaurant that contributes to the success of this small space. In summer, you can choose to be outdoors and that is where the house shines. The fish in the coal do the honours of the house. The offer is assorted and has great quality.
Praça da República, 37 A – Vila Nogueira de Azeitão
969 146 996


With an exceptional view over the Monastery, this house captivates us for having an excellent wine cellar. Its cuisine, in the traditional Portuguese style, serves an excellent cod at Lagareiro, but its matured meats are also famous. Of course, many are looking for its succulent steak at Burro Velho, all accompanies with a varied and quality wine list.
Rua Nossa Senhora do Caminho, 6 A – Batalha
244 764 174


What used to be a primary school is now a restaurant where the cuisine from the Alentejo is dominant. With a relaxed atmosphere, its menu has two references that should not be missed. We refer to the wild rabbit patty with pinion rice and, if you are lucky to find them in the menu, baked partridges are a temptation. The wine list is well stuffed, making this roadside restaurant on the way to Comporta a must-visit place to continue to learn, speaking, of course, of eating well.
EN 253 – Cachopos
265 612 816

TOP 31 - 100 Restaurantes


100 Maneiras
By The Wine
Casa Nostra
Coelho da Rocha
Enoteca de Belem (encerrado)
Lisboa à Noite
Mensagem Bar Panoramico
Rabo D`Pêxe
Taberna da Rua das Flores
Tasca da Esquina

1 hour from Lisbon

Abraço (Sintra)
Azimut (Estoril)
Casa Da Dizima (Paço de Arcos)
De Pedra e Sal (Setúbal)
Ipsylon – The Oitavos Hotel Cascais)
Lovit (Cascais)
Pançitas (Barcarena)
Panorâmico By Marlene Vieira (Porto Salvo)
Porto Santa Maria (Cascais)
Taberna 490 STB (Setúbal)
Vela Branca (Setúbal)
Zagaia (Setúbal)


Adega São Nicolau
La Ricotta
Páteo das Flores
Praia da Luz
Shiko – Tasca Japonesa
Tapabento S. Bento

1 hour from Porto

A nossa Casa (Aveiro)
Dom Carlos (Barcelos)
Dona Julia (Braga)
Monverde Wine Experience Hotel Restaurante (Amarante / Lixa)
O Canastra (Espinho)
Pedra Bela (Santa Maria da Feira)
Rei dos Leitões (Mealhada)
Salitre (Vila do Conde)
Theatro (Póvoa do Varzim)
Toupeirinho (Matosinhos)
Villazur (Vila do Conde)
Vinum – Restaurant Wine & Bar (Gaia)


Mercearia do Gadanha (Estremoz)
Sushi Alentejano (Beja)


2 Passos (Almancil)
Bata Que Eu Abro (Altura)
La Cigale (Albufeira)
O Leão de Porches (Porches)
O Restinga (Alvor)
Sal e Companhia (Lagos)

Center of Portugal

Casa Arouquesa (Viseu)
Casinha Velha (Leiria)
Dori (Costa Nova)
Puttanesca (Leiria)
Salgaboca (Praia de Mira)
Santa Luzia (Viseu)
Taberna da Milinha (Viseu)
Tasquinha da Sé (Viseu)

North of Portugal

Convento dos Capuchos (Monção)
Sabores (Monção)
Tralha (Vila Real)

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